Old Firehouse Community Center


Help your Fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters to Help Spread the Word of God !!!!

Old Firehouse Community Center believes in shedding God's light into our community by helping our community residents who are in need as was written in the Bible. Old Firehouse Community Center works with numerous other churches as well as community organizations in the NW Indiana area in providing the disadvantaged serves to help out God's children who are in need.  Our ministry provides a Food Pantry, a community renewal service for residents, public clean up programs, martial arts instruction as well as numerous other programs for our community and for all ages and purposes.  If you can we need donations of food, clothes, building supplies, old exercise and martial arts equipments as well as financial donations to provide these services to the less fortunate of our community as well as overseas because our ministry engages in relief programs that benefit the less fortunate overseas.  If you would be so kind as to send your donations to:

Old Firehouse Community Center

6055 W 29th Ave.

Gary, Indiana 46406

we as well as the people our ministry helps out would kindly appreciate your donations to help allow us to help spread the Word of God through our actions and helping God's children live fulfilling and healthy Christian lives. May God bless all of you who donate to us to spread God's word to all who needs his presence and grace in their life.

(Old Firehouse Community Center is a 501 (c) (3) Non-for-Profit Organization)