Old Firehouse Community Center


The History and Mission of Old Firehouse Community Center (OFCC)

Established in May 1990 the OFCC is a Christian ministry strategically located in the Black Oak area of Gary, Indiana. We are surrounded by an ethically and economically diverse population, enabling us to work in significant ways to fulfill Jesus Christ's Great Commission. We do this while obeying our call in Christ to be ministers of reconciliation, reconciling people to God, and people to one another.

Our primary focus is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We preach that through faith in he Lord Jesus, and in him alone, people can find salvation from sin, eternal life with God, and the power to be conformed to the image of God's Son Jesus Christ, to the glory of God.

Additionally our efforts are aimed to seeing a poor and discredited neighborhood transformed and bearing the marks of God's coming kingdom. In Christian faith and hope, our little OFCC ministry to proclaim and display: light, beauty, holiness, peace, unity, social justice, opportunity, grace, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and, above all love - God's love through:

*** Food and Clothing Help

*** Neighborhood Cleanup Projects

*** Bible Club

*** Thanksgiving Dinner

*** Christmas Dinner and Toys

*** Martial Arts 

*** Back-to-School Help

*** Computer Training

*** Tennis

We are confident in Christ that the goodness of God, being worked through his people, who bravely preach Christ and live for Christ, overcomes all evil.

We remember the poor.